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Timeout's - Velvet Paws

Discover the power of exquisite, exotic elements, feel the intensive care and enjoy wonderful fragrances. Exclusive pampering experience for your feet.

Peeling, footbath, pedicure with or without enamel, packing and massage. 80 Minutes / 79,00 €

Timeout's - Nimble Feet

Caring and stimulated with refreshing lemon, scent pampering.

Pedicure with or without enamel, massage. 40 Minutes / 32,00 €

Coconut Feet

Feet massage with a warm coconut oil. 30 Minutes / 30,00 €

Weightless Legs

Quickly and concisely

Cooling bandages against “heavy legs” and a relaxing massage. 45 Minutes / 52,00 €

Weightless Legs

Long and longer.

Special peeling, cooling bandages against “heavy legs” and a relaxing massage. 70 Minutes / 77,00 €

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