» A Brief Journey Through the Massage World

Body Massage Bamboos - Relaxation, Depth Effect & Harmony

Massagen - Körpermassage BambusNew massage with warm Asian oil combines the effect of different massages in an intensive way. It reduces tensions, reactivates blood circulation, improves backflow of lymph, tightens and tones the skin.  .

  75 Minutes / 69,00 €

Aroma – Full Body Relaxing Massage

This massage will be carried out with an exquisite aroma oil or aroma butter depending on the customer’s desire. Aromatherapy of very high quality, immerse in the world of fragrances.

    70 Minutes / 69,00 €


Lava Shell Massage -  Go on an Unforgettable Journey

Massagen - Lava Shell MassageThis exceptional massage excites with its self-heating real Venus’s shells. Heat relaxes tense muscles, while pleasant aroma oil soothes spirit and relaxes your senses.

If you are fond of the pleasant effect of a warm massage, then you will love Lava Shell Massage.
  60 Minutes / 65,00 €

Fire & Flame - Massage with Massage Candles

Massagen - Feuer & FlammeMassage candles create through their gentle light a harmonic atmosphere – massage balm starts to melt under the warmth of a flame and fills the room with wonderful fragrance. This type of massage exceptionally pampers the skin and through precious ingredients provides soft feel on the skin.  

Let yourself to be surprised, book a holiday for your spirit!

Back and Arms 45 Minutes / 45,00 €
Legs and Feet 45 Minutes / 45,00 €
Full Body 90 Minutes / 89,00 €

Dolce Vita Massage – and your Back will Support you again

Hot rolls with a back massage.

  35 Minutes / 32,00 €

Partial Body Massage - Back, Shoulders/Neck or Legs

By partial massage you decide yourself which part of your body needs a massage. Enjoy your individual massage, which will be tailored to your needs and the weak points of your body.

  30 Minutes / 30,00 €

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