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Massage - Man's WorldThe hands are a person's visiting card. Man’s as well.
With the manicure they look like a noble car.

Let your hands and nails shine!

Nourish and treat your feet, after all they have a bearing role…!



Massage - BoxenstopBoxenstop – for Men’s Hands

Quickly cared, moisture and long lasting care.

Manicure and massage. 40 Minutes / 32,00 €

Fine Tuning – for Men’s Hands

Intensive care for rough hands.

Peeling, hand bath, manicure, packing and massage.   80 Minutes / 79,00 €

Gentleman’s – Nimble Hands

High quality products have a vitalizing, restorative and caring effect on your feet.

Leg splash, feet care and massage.   40 Minutes / 32,00 €

Gentleman’s – Relaxing Feet

Inspired by natural substances and scent of the rainforest. Promotes health, protects, heals, nourish the skin and eliminates toxins from it.

Treat your feet with something special!

Peeling, feet bath, feet care, packing, massage and lotion.   80 Minutes / 79,00 €

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