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Massage - Hand in HandHands are not just body instrument, but also a communication tool, that is why it is very important to take care of them and keep them in good conditions.

Writing, typing, rinsing, cleaning, drawing, pressing, they do a lot, but get little – time for hands’ break!




Timeout's - Hydro & Balance Intensive Manicure

A highly effective cocktail provides moisture, which protects the skin from dehydration, heat and coldness, and supports regenerating system of cells. Natural extracts such as resurrection plant, orchid, white tee, ozeangold, Japanese mandarin will enrobe your whole body and relax your senses.

Peeling, hand bath, manicure, packing, massage, and lotion. 80 Minutes / 79,00 €

Timeout's – Gold Rush Manicure – Pure Luxury

Gold has been always a symbol of beauty, luxury and energy. Precious metal protects from free radicals, releases the body from toxins and slows down the skin aging process. Moreover Gold can link three hundred times of its net weight on moisture and give the skin a fresh kick. Other precious extracts such as caviar, champagne, jojoba and grape seed oil provide this care program a luxurious glamour.

Caviar peeling, hand bath with champagne bath nectar Massage with caviar crème and gold crème Without Manicure
With Manicure
60 Minutes / 65,00 €
80 Minutes / 85,00 €

Happy Fingers - Quickly and Concisely

Manicure with or without enamel, massage. 40 Minutes / 32,00 €

Relaxing Hands

Forearm and hand massage with a warm water lilies oil,
lava stones and marble balls.
45 Minutes / 43,00 €

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